Twitching Motos/servos

Just got new parts and after building the robot, connecting wires, and turning on the power, the robot starts to have spasms and twich all over the place. Pressing the button on the programming wire doesn’t do a thing and the twiches make the comtroller unsable. The problem seems to be related to the number of motors/ servos connected at one time; when only four are connected, there is no twitching, if another is plugged in while the system is on it is still ok. On the other hand when powered on with 5 motors/ servos, then the twiching occurs.

Are you running autnomous or radio control? If using radio control, make sure that:

-The antennae is not touching any metal (there could be electrical noise)
-There is no interference (use a tether cable to isolate the problem)

If using autonomous I don’t know what to say.

Not using any wireless systems. It turned out to be the batteries causing the problem.

I had exactly the same problem … try fresh batteries