Twitching Robot - Please Help!

well we need help to. our robot is moving on its own and we need to know why. we dont even have to touch the transmitter all we need to do is turn it on and BAM!!! it goes on its own. we havent programed this one and it just goes. HELP!!!:eek:

do you have a jumper in port 13

Yeah he’s probably right unless your trim settings on your controller are really high

The code on the robot, even if it was never programed, might have a “glitched” code on it from the factory.

or if you have used the micro controller for more than one design it may still be on the old code

I would clear the M/C and re-program it.

it was a great idea

Try the trim.
Just a suggestion.:smiley:

If your working on a team that has multiple robots make sure nobody else is using the same frequency as you. I’ve had this same problem when someone in the other room is running their robot on the same frequency.

As if it only happens when you turn the transmitter on, it may be a defective transmitter.