I was practicing today with some teams that are going to the championship and I noticed that my bot during the matches twitched a lot. Like it has some kind of convulsions or something, to put it that way. And this really was affecting my performance. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the programming stuff. Any ideas?

It could be a reception problem - check to see that your transmitter antenna is fully extended and the receiver antenna is upright and not touching any metal.

Probably from freqency interference. You said you were with other people and the freqencies from vex crystals are not really very far apart.

Well we were using the red crystals of the competition. It was like a little tournament/practice. So I don’t think that was it, but thanks anyways.

They aren’t perfect. This happens all the time in competition. I’ve rarely seen connectivity problems causing twitching from anything else.

oooooohhh … I see

Well the antenna was fully up … the reciever antenna was actually touching metal … but how does this affect the signal ?

I’m not going to pretend to explain something I don’t fully understand, so somebody feel free to clarify the physics behind this.

But yes, this is correct - if you still have your plastic antenna tube, you should use that; otherwise, use some plastic pieces to secure it. Even if your antenna isn’t touching metal, but is enclosed by a lot of it, you’ll still get bad reception.

On second thought, if the antenna wire has a scratch where you can see metal poking through, that might have an effect as well. We have had two instances of that which resulted in bad signal quality.