Two Approaches

From what I can understand, there are two approaches to this year’s game, either (1) make a small light fast robot that can quickly move cones and moveable goals to where they need to be, or (2) a larger robot that will prebuild stacks and then place them.

What’s the better approach? Do you see another way?

Prebuilding stacks is illegal; see SG 9.

Prebuilding stacks is not illegal when they are Stacked on a Moveable Goal. This is the approach I was referencing, pick up a moveable goal, stack cones on top, and then place the stack in a zone

Oh. How is that prebuilding then? As soon as cones meet the definition of stacked, they are worth 2 points. They don’t have to be placed in a zone.

After you finish prebuilding, you move the whole stack (plus mobile goal) to the 20 point zone or whatever you’re placing it in. Gets you that 5 points for highest stack on top of that 20 for the mobile goal.

The way I see it, you can only hold 1 unscored cone at a time.

Is it best to just focus on the twenty point zone? Or should one build all four pylons and move them to the appropriate zone, hoping that some will be the highest stack. There are no multipliers for having the largest stack in the 20 point zone, just a bonus for having a scored cone/moving goal in it. This way, you can score the 20 point zone, 2 in the ten, and one in the five-point zone.

In shorter words- is it better to have more stacks scored, or taller stacks?

more stacks because you don’t get more than 20 points for the pylon or movable base. If you concentrate only on that then you get 20 + the amount of cones. If you get a pylon in the 20,10, and 5 thats 35 points plus the points for the same amount of cones you would already get.

I think that you should not stack in the 20 point zone at all. It does not give you any more points than stacking anywhere else. On top of that, the 20 point zone is fenced off by a 2.35 inch pipe. Why bother getting a stack of cones over that pipe, or placing them there one by one, when you can score the in more accessible areas of the field. Instead you can place a mobile goal in the 20 pt zone at the beginning and then proceed to stack on top of mobile goals in the 10 point zone.

I don’t believe it’s possible to get more than one mobile goal into the 20-point zone; definitely no more than two.

Yo may only score one mobile goal in the 20 point zone as stated in the definition of the 20 point zone.

Okay, proves my point. Thanks.

Though it’s not much, you do get 5 bonus points for having the highest stack in each of the zones. So if you just drop a mobile goal in the 20p zone, and your opponent does the same but with a cone stacked on it, they get 25 points.
You also have to take into account that there are only four mobile goals and eighty cones. If you leave one goal empty, it will be difficult to take full advantage of the other zones because of the sheer number of cones that would need to go on the other goals.

Those cones that you do not stack in the 20 pt zone you can stack on the goals in the 10 pt zone making those stacks higher and earn the 5 pt bonus for that zone, or stack them o the stationary goal.

They do not necessarily have to be stacked on a mobile goal if I am reading <SG9> Note 2 correct.

It is not considered to be stacked unless it is on a goal.

The GDC purpose with this game is to make teams do #2. They made the rules so that the only reasonable way to score points is the bring a mobile goal with you and stack cones on it one by one.

You also have the stationary goal. Assuming your opponents are equally as good, you only end up with 40 cones. Leaving one goal empty leaves 40 cones for 10 goals, or merely 10 cones stacks. This seems like very little to me; I’m honestly expecting 20+ cones stacks by the end of the year.

You’d probably be leaving 2 goals empty. There is no reason to try to get the five point zone bonus, because that just adds to 10, which can be achieved by placing an empty goal in the 10 point zone. That now leaves you 40 cones and only 3 goals, which is still only 13 cones per goal. I doubt they are all going to be distributed evenly, and it’s going to be interesting strategy to determine exactly how high you stack every goal.

I love this conversation. Next year I plan on going for a bigger bot that stacks quickly.