Two batteries, one brain?

Just wondering if anyone has ever attempted connecting two batteries (either in series or parallel) to a single brain. Wiring them togethet is a simple matter, but I’m not sure if this could be done without frying the brain…

IF (big if) possible, I believe a parallel circuit that kept voltage the same and increased available amperage to the motors would be less likely to damage the brain, but, for obvious reasons, I am unwilling to just “try it.”

Perhaps someone at Vex has tried this???


Hello Vexatron,

We do not recommend to wire batteries together (parallel or series). Do not parallel any type of rechargeable cell or battery, during charging NiMH chargers look for a voltage droop when fully charged that may be masked by two packs having different end points. During use, discharge, or if anything goes wrong, the lower voltage pack may be incorrectly recharged by the higher pack.