TWO HS motors with ONE dongle?

sorry i think i posted in the official section before
maybe thats why i wasn’t getting any replies

out mentor didnt order enough dongles -.-
we might be forced to forfeit two of our HS motors because of that
and we have no more money
will this setup wreck anything?? (burn out dongles, controller, motors, breaker, ect)
its two HS motors “Y’d” with a “Y” cable and THEN putting on the dongle

It’s against the rules to use Y cables with high strength motors in that fashion.

darn that sucks
can you specify where it says?
i couldn’t find it
too bad they dont have PROPER 2 wire Y’s :frowning:

<R11> b. 2-Wire Motors must be controlled by a 2-Wire Motor Port, either directly on a Vex Microcontroller, or on a Vex Motor Controller 29 module.

Since these motors would not be controlled directly by a Motor Controller 29 module, even if the set up worked as pictured (I don’t know), it would be illegal.

meh… ok then
it “works” as in the motors both spin in one direction
i didnt put it under load in fear of burning something out ect
then will this setup be ok (not kill anything) in non competition use?
thanks for your answers

Completely uninformed answer here: Wire is wire, so probably not. I think it’s just passing electrical signals through itself, and since all of the wire is the same gauge nothing stupid could happen like it catching fire or whatever.

I’d probably say wire your drivetrain that way (if it’s a skid steer) until you can cough up the $20 for two more motor controllers. If you’re that strapped for cash, I would say just have a few people on your team chip in $5. They’re a pretty cheap product and will let you compete legally now and let you use the motors in a more diverse matter later. The “someone chip in $5” method for fundraising always worked for my last team to get that one extra servo or motor we needed. :slight_smile:

i would love to pay the $20
its just that the ship time takes a while
AND is about $60…
thats why were in a bad situation when we forget to order a small item :frowning:
or just hope there are extras at the competition and i can borrow/buy one off somebody :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for your response though

If you’re in the US, shipping for this kind of thing costs like $8 or so for Ground (about 5 days). Internationally, probably a lot more, yeah.

Yeah, from what I remember I believe 1107 is in Canada.


you are correct :slight_smile:

In the BEST Robotics competition, which is using the Cortex Vexnet control system this year, they are required to use "BEST DC motors.
If I remember correctly, the new BEST motors are similar in power to the previous years Globe motors, and I have some notes showing that the Large motor was 4.5Watts, and the Small motor was 1.5W, and a memory of a report that the small motor was about the same as the Vex HS-393 motor.

There was a report from one team that they burnt out port1 of the Cortex by doing torque testing on a small motor, and then burnt something else by using two small motors on one #29 speed controller, which is prohibited in BEST competition anyway.

Based on this anecdotal, hearsay, report by a student,
overloads like running two motors on one controller can sometimes burn up something before the self-protection kicks in.

oh ok
thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: