Two legged walker bot

Has anyone ever built a vex biped? Or how about a Vex humanoid?

i found this on vex fan :smiley: :smiley:

that robot is insane!

id like to see just photos of it’s mechanical parts.

That thing is sweet! Sometime soon I’ll post a picture of my robot monkey head.
It would be great on top of that walker!

I’ve made a small one, but it’s not nearly as impressive as the previous one. :stuck_out_tongue: It runs with 1 motor (move the legs) and 2 servos (one for each ankle). It could walk without falling over, but it was slow and cumbersome.

hey, thats not bad! do you have any way to make a video?

That one is great! Alot simpler than the other one, it looks like.

Nope, sorry! I made it several months ago and it has since been destroyed. I never got footage of it walking around. :o It’s based on a fairly simple design, though. I’m sure someone else on this forum could make one much better than me if they tried!

that is still a pretty sweet bot, the one on the video is too.

what’s the programing code for “Two legged walker bot”???

thx for help.

that programing seems ez!!!
My guess would be:

motor1 = 240
motor2 = 0
wait 2000?
motor1 = 0
motor2 = 240

Kinda stupid question but I dont understand how it would work with one motor. Does is rock back and forth?

I would guess that the 2 ankle servos will let you tilt the 'bot back and forth, while the continuous rotation motor will keep the legs walking. The ankles will keep the balance, and make sure the robot doesn’t fall over.

**** thats awesome. Thats a good begining to some Mini Mecha throw in the Paintballing Warbot and you could have a really interesting little war machine

Heres a biped that i built a LONG time ago. (first vex days…) I am currently working on a newly improved and better biped. I’ll keep you guys updated.