Two mobile cones in twenty point zone

I was wondering , is it illegal to put two mobile cones in the twenty point zone?

You will find resources for competition teams here:

including the Game Manual:

Which has specifics about two mobile goals in the 20pt zone:

To answer your question, it is legal. But, as the previous poster has mentioned, there is no advantage to it.

Two scoring situations occur:

  1. The second goal is touching bar, so it is counted as 10 points
  2. The second goal is not touching the bar, so it gets 0 points.

The latter is a less favorable outcome for the alliance.

I guess if you wanted to save space for other MGs in the 10 point zone…? There’d be no reason to do 2 in the 20pt, otherwise.

Actually if you were to put 1 in the 20 during autonomous.with 1-2 cones on it and the put another one in there during driver control with 5-6 cones on it to secure high stack, assuming the one with only 1-2 cones on it counts for the 10 point zone it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put two there.

Idk if you can consistently get it to touch the 10 bar, but that would be OP

Actually, the more mobile cones, the better, so long as they are on a mobile goal. You actually get a bonus for having the most mobile cones on a mobile goal in the 20 point zone. By the way, there is no need to call the cones mobile since all of them are mobile. Moving the cones onto goals is how you score. It would make it interesting, though, if some of the cones were randomly attached and were not mobile but you did not know which ones, but that would make setup a lot more complicated.



Putting two mobile cones in the 20 point zone (with a certain number of yellow cones on them) would secure an immediate 40 points plus the points you will get from the yellow cones … I believe it’s a great advantage. Any other opinions contrary ?

Yes I have an opinion contrary…
It doesn’t work like that. Several people have said this. The mobile goal with more cones counts as 20 points, and the other mobile goal (if you put two in) if it is touching the bar, counts for 10 points. If it isn’t, it’s not worth anything.

Oh okay, Well can 3 mobile cones fit in the 10 point zone ?


I just saw a video of a team that put a stack of 8 cone (yes, they were all mobile) on a mobile goal and all of it went into the 20 point zone. There is no limit of the number of mobile (all the cones are mobile) cones you can have on any goal in any zone.

Yeah I have put a stack of 11 in the 20 point zone. I just assumed when OP said “mobile cones” they meant mobile goals.

ditto :slight_smile:

I try not to assume because when you assume you make an …wait, I probably should not post that here.

Let me say it this way. I cannot know what someone means but I can know what someone says. This is why language is so important. Unfortunately, up here is Canada, we are throwing out the meaning of words in some politically volatile situations making the correct and precise use of works against the law. I am clinging to an area of my life where words actually mean things.

you have my condolences and concern

Thank you.