Two Motor DR4B?

Our team is planning to build a DR4B lift, but our drive base and claw leaves all but two motors to work with for a lift. Does anyone know if there is a DR4B lift that only needs two motors? If so, please post it here. If not, could you please recommend a lift that only needs two motors but would work as well as a DR4B? Thanks! (BTW I am new to the forum so sorry if I did something wrong)

Or RD4B, whatever you call it.

The thought that we have had is that in Skyrise the objects were much heavier than the cones are in this years game. It makes sense that you would be able to use a RD4B with out any issue especially if you use rubber bands. It was actually an option that we looked into.

@Emancipators What I was asking is that is there a DR4B with only two motors? (We only have 2 motors to use for lift)

I have a 2 motor rd4b(and I know lots of other people do too). I can say that it definitely works but if you do it I would reccomend doing some control loop (ie pid) to keep it straight.

Thank you Joseph W. Would you mind sending me a picture of the lift or posting it here? Thanks!

Sure. First I would like to get the wiring on it finished (I switched around some sensors so i gotta re-wire the lift) so I’ll try and get a short video sometime later today :slight_smile:

Thank you!

There are many examples of 2 motors rd4b in the forum.

This is one of the examples done in the early season - 8059z.

Shameless plug:

Alright so here’s a link to my lift. It still needs to be tuned for going down and I could probably get it a bit better when it’s going up but here it is nonetheless. @Doggobot if you have any questions about it you can pm me on here :slight_smile:

Also the battery was pretty low when filming this so I’m not sure how much that affected the speed.

Thanks again Joseph!

I have one working perfectly fine:
2 motor dr4b
2 motor chain bar
4 motor drive
1 motor claw

It stacks 2 stacks of 8 cones in 1:45 minute
reveal coming soon
@team1437z on instagram