Two motor drive train ideas

Hello every one. I have been using a two motor drive and we are trying to think of a way to make it more powerful so we don’t get pushed around. Any Ideas?

You could just use 100 rpm motors or you could make a gear ratio so you drive at 150rpm

you would still get pushed around easily

just curious are you using 2m drive because you do not have at least 8 motors or because you are using the other six on other mechanisms
if the former then just try and squeeze some money to buy more
if the latter you’re fine with 2m just try to play efficiently and do whatever it is you do where other robots are not in a match
edit i will explain more clearly basically go wherever is the most vacant place on the field in other words a place with a lot of cubes and no other robots


Yes we are using the other six motors in other mechanisms

Use locked omnis, make certain your drive is nearly frictionless. That’s all I can think of to do.

Also this should not be in product announcements


Ya we did that but is their any way to increase the power. Maybe with sprockets?

Other then changing the gear ratio in the motors

You could torque it down by changing gear ratios either with sprockets or with motor internals but that affects speed of the drive too

if you tell us your motor distribution, we may be able to recommend ways to give your drive more motors.
tbh I wouldn’t gear down a 2m drive, because you’re going to lose a pushing match against a 4m drive every time, but when you aren’t getting pushed do you want to be going fast, or slow? my guess is fast, why go slow if the torque isn’t going to help you.


One way would be to use a chained drive system to make it have better power delivery, other than the power of the drivetrian is limited to the power of the motors.

not exactly. if you have 2 motor drive, you cannot get more power than 2m can output. you can either make it stronger but slower, or faster but weaker. or just keep it 1:1, which is probably the best option. maybe gear it down slightly if you experience stalling issues.


Sorry I take that back.


What are the other motors used for? You might be able to cut a motor from somewhere else.

Probably 2 for the arm, 2 for the tilter, and 2 for the intake.

But why 2 for the tilter?

Why 2 for anything but the intake?

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With 2 motors for the arm, it would be more evenly distrubuted for the two side of the arm, and more powerful, his robot is easily able to lift into towers, and very quickly.

Yeah but kind of pointless when you can just lift while you’re driving. Better to make the drive faster imo.


Is the problem that you are getting pushed from the side?