Two motors to one port but both have an int encoder

I have two motors and both have integrated encoder. I want to y cable them to one port of the cortex but how would I set them up in robotc because only one port of the pragma can have only one integrated encoder?

u have to chain them together.

motor 1 → wire → motor 2 → wire → cortex

If the motors turn together, why do they both need an encoder?

Because depending on variations in the wear on the motor and in the friction in the systen, running two motors at exactly the same command power will noy make them turn at the same rate.

However, this only really helps for monitoring, since you can not command two motors at different values down a Y Splitter Cable.

In general, only Y Split things that are mechanically linked, or in situations where precise synchronization is not necessary.

Not the best solution, but assuming you don’t have IMEs on ALL of your motors, you can register it under another one (e.g. your lift is y cabled, so you register one of the IMEs under your claw motor). If you have open motor ports you could even register a faux motor and assign the IME to that.

The ground links the two motors together – they will turn at the same rate.

Differences in motor constants due to tolerances will allow them to have different torques, BEMF and speed. Ground doesn’t affect those, current can re-circulate in the high side too, depends upon how the H-Bridge is setup

True enough, but they WILL rotate at the same RPM, unless there is wheelspin.

Oh wow! I had that way off, you are right! I was thinking of electrical ground since we were discussing cables, you were meaning physical ground. My bad.