Two people controlling complex tray

We are thinking about letting two people controlling our complex tray, since we don’t have much time left for our driver to master all of the aspects of the robot (stacking, controlling chassis, lift, intake)

I am thinking about one person control the chassis and the intake, while the other control the tilter and the lift. What do you guys think?

As a driver of a complex tray, I would not recommend it. I tend to think that two people would have some issues, and probably would actually take more practice for two to coordinate it.

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In my experience, two people is much harder because of the coordination. Maybe make some macros that automatically deploy the stack or have a sensor that tells the robot to intake cubes autonomously just by by driving into them.


As the driver of my team, adding a second driver means that you have to forget what you’re used to and learn to cooperate with the other person, which takes a lot longer than just to practice driving.

If there isn’t a lot of buttons to control (ex. a complex tray), using a single driver also reduces the reaction time between driving.

If you are using the tray macro, consider checking out this video. Their puncher angler will automatically go to the other position when the button is pressed. The same can also be done with the tray macro. However, I will still suggest including a manual tray control since a lot of things can happen while stacking, so making the driver able to adjust is a good thing.

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Thank you guys!
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I would recommend spending more time on coding to simplify the task for the driver of a complex tray. I have seen a lot of lost cube due to abrupt maneuvers by the driver in precision situations, such as releasing cubes in a goal. This seems to me an ideal place for software to support the human driver.