Two sets of the 0.5 programming cables. Free to a good home, but $10 in shipping

A pair of orange cables, one complete set each to each winner.

These pieces of electronics from circa 2006 and are the way the computer (your 286) downloaded RobotC to the Pic 0.5 brain. They are mostly long gone, I found these today in the robot Lab.

They can be yours.

On a 8 1/2 x 8 1/2" section of paper, [this will be used as the address that I’ll ship} Fold it and place $10 into the fold. (Run wild, 10 ones, a pair of 5’s or a singe 10) Put that into an envelope with the label and mail it to

STEM Robotics
Old Orange Cable Contest
1418 Bucknell Rd,
Wilmington DE 19803

I will hold all entries until Friday to allow the mail to do it’s thing. If you are not a winner, I will send your cash back. Earliest postmarks wins.

Not sure why you want these, but happy to get something else out of the robot Lab.


I’m not sure this was the best way to auction off old cables, however…

and hopefully they are genuine and not the knockoff ones we had lots of driver issues with.


I’ll check them out before I ship them. Thanks for the list!

I thought I had a collection of systems to try this out. I don’t. Windows signing on the drivers is also a problem. Can we lock this thread with the hardware is just too old to make this work.


Well, just before you give up. I had a quick look at what the old cables do when plugged into Win10. I don’t have RobotC or any other applications that might use them on this PC.

Anyway, it’s interesting.
A good cable, windows went out and installed latest driver.
but it’s apparently not supported. You would need one from 2012.


And what happens with a known bad cable (and by bad I mean counterfeit PL2303)


I know I also used to use the VEX part of the cable (small, square orange box with 9 pin D connector) with alternate USB serial cables, so that’s also a potential path. For anyone wanting to get old equipment (cortex or PIC) running, at $10 they may still be a good deal.


OK, if anyone wants to take a gamble on getting the right drivers going, I’ll send these out.