Two side flywheel that are connected

Does anyone know a way to connect two sides of a flywheel that are horizontal (shafts are vertical).
I am using a 25 to1 speed ratio with 2 high torque motors for each side.

In addition anyone know the best angle for mid to front Field for a flywheel. I’m using a 51 degree angle. and its working but it is not par.

i need the flywheels to go in the same speed that’s why they would need to be connected

I would just gear them together, although if you reduce friction enough they should both go the same speed anyway, without gearing connecting them. You could also program them together using a velocity control . You should post some pictures of your build.

At the beginning of the season, we had a double flywheel without gearing the sides together, and no velocity control, and we never had issues with the two sides going different speeds, at least to the point that it affected the shots. I would, however, definitely recommend velocity control on any flywheel, single or double, since it significantly improves the fire rate.

I agree. I think they are called idler gears.

i think programming is probably the best way to go as more gears equals more friction

There IS a way to gear 4 to 8 motors (if you really wanted to) to run a dual flywheel with 25:1 ratio. I’ll show you some photos when I have access. It will take a pretty significant amount of space to make the gearbox, though.


In this design, you can connect 6 motors with 36 tooth gears. If you connect the motors in this manner.

The con of this design is that if one of your motors stop working properly, then it will create a HUGE amount of friction (then again it’s always the case) which caused us to be basically useless in our league finals. This issue can be supplemented by creating pre made gearboxes which you can easily swap out with the bad gearbox.

This is an old photo and the design has been tweaked since.

According to these guys below, they just chained the wheels together. So because of that, they probably had a chain and sprockets with 1 gear on 1 sprocket connected to another gear which was linked to the gearbox (allowing it to spin the right way). Unfortunately, they do not show the linked system in the video

However they also commented in the video that linking the flywheels didn’t work for them due to the increase of friction. If you don’t have a way to adjust the gearboxes/flywheel distance and stretch the chain, you might run into the same issue