Two skyrises in auto-loader, disqualification ?

Hello there,

If two skyrises are loaded into the autoloader during a match and then a robot touches them (may not have intook them ) … Does this count as disqualification ?


This is not official, just my thought and opinion:

Its up to the head referee hosting the event. I’m sure he will look at the intent. Were you try to load 2 of them? was it an accident? did you try to correct your mistake quickly without warning? etc…** The rules forbid it for sure.** But, again its up to the head referee.

If it was match affecting it would most likely be a DQ, but if it did not affect the match it would have been a warning, but like Team Legend said, it is up to the head ref.

The rule:

Intent doesn’t come in to it (which is a good thing, because intent is very difficult for a ref to determine).

What matters is whether your action changed the outcome of the match. For example, your robot’s arm is stuck so it can’t fully fold down and you stack two sections in the autoloader so that the robot can pick up the top one. If that makes the difference between losing and winning, then that’s a disqualification.

It’s highly unlikely that a team would actually be disqualified based on the “There can only ever be one Skyrise Section in an Autoloader at any one given time” clause of <SG5>, because to affect the match outcome the violation would have to be really bad. If you load two sections and then take the top one away then in almost every case you should only get a warning.

This isn’t really up to the ref. There are some rules where the ref gets to use their discretion in deciding whether or not to disqualify a team (such as <S1>, the main safety rule, and <G12>, the tipping/entanglement/damage rule). This isn’t one of them - the ref just has to make a call based on what they believe the facts to be. <T01> in this context means that teams must accept the decision made by the ref, not that the ref gets to make the decision they want. You should still talk to your event partner and/or RECF representative after the event if you think that refereeing calls were made incorrectly.