Two trays VS tray and a lift

If there was a match: two trays vs a lift with tray and both sides got a 6 in protected and an 8 in unprotected for auton, who has a better chance to win the match. Say all trays on field can do 10 cubes and the lift can add six to an 8 stack as it’s max potential.

I don’t think anybody can really predict who would win because design isn’t the only factor in who would win. Driving, build quality, and build specifics (motor distribution and gearing) also matter. However, I would place my bets on the traybots because although a decent 10 cube traybot can get 3 stacks alone, the trays can stack 30 combined, and then hoard 20 cubes together.


This is too specific of a situation for good discussion- of course the lift and tray would win, because of higher max potential. But in different situations, the two trays might win. Think a more vague discussion would be better on which is better

I also agree with @Riptide, driving and build quality are a big deal, though they usually have to be neglected in these kinds of discussions when trying to determine the best design in and of itself.


So if it came down to only potential and strategy which one would in

A better question would be what is the advantage of staying as a lift bot if a tray bot has a better chance at doing well in qualification matches and in skills.

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i would say you can say who has the advantage in the situation but it all comes down to who can drive better and who controls towers