Two V5 Controllers

Can we use the VEX Coiled Handset (276-1602) to connect two V5 controllers by changing one end of the coiled handset? We have tried replacing one end with the new end from the V5 custom cable set (276-5775) and it will work between the controllers. Is this acceptable because these are all VEX parts?
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You should just use the smart wire, you do not need the coiled cable. I don’t believe that it is the right size, but I could be wrong. On the V5 controllers there are two smart cable ports and an ethernet port. Plug a smart cable into either of the smart cable ports on both controllers and that will work.

Yes, but the students are always moving and I would use up my cable for the 6 teams that I have. The coiled cables work with the new ends, following the instructions on how to make custom cables. The coiled cables are ideal for “Strain relief” when the students get animated. All the parts are VEX items. Are they legal to use in competition to connect two V5 controllers?
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My understanding would be no, according to recently answered q&a.

The Coiled Handset Cable is not made from standard/official V5 Smart Cable Stock, and is therefore not legal for use with V5 electronics.

This was for attaching brain to motor, however the controllers also, IMO, would be considered v5 electronics…

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I don’t believe it would be legal as you are modifying electronics technically in rule R21.

As always - if you truly need an “official” answer, you MUST ask on the official Vex Q&A. Any answers provided on the forum (or provided verbally or in other formats by anyone) are merely our best guess and have no sway over inspectors or referees. The only way to get an answer that will actually matter when you are competing (one that you can show to a ref/inspector and have them follow) is to ask on the official Q&A!


The V5 partner controller always needs to have a smart cable connected between it and the primary controller, a partner controller cannot connect wirelessly to a V5 brain.

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