Two wheeled "Flip bot" with starter kit

Hey I was thinking of making a bot with just the starter kit that can flip upside down by using the two big wheels and spanning in between them the two flat parts attatched to each other to make enough room for the batteries, reciver, and module. of course at the ends there would be the right angle gussets to mount the motors and maby a bumper to protect the modules.

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions let me know

You probably could do that. You’ll probably need to rework it several times in order to get everything to fit right. You will need to make everything really compact.

i made one similar to what you are talking about. check it out at

yeah I saw the video on youtube it’s really cool but I don’t have the tools to cut the pieces yet and i’m going to try it without cutting any pieces so they can be reused

I must make one of these now. Hope you don’t mind. Going to get started tonight.

I finished!:smiley:

i finished the “prototype” type thing about a week ago basically it’s just the two flat panels screwed together with the battery pack and “brain” on top and the RC receiver on the bottom. on the ends there are the right angle gussets with motors mounted on them and the big wheels attatched to the motors.

it’s pretty simple and i’m almost finished with another robot kinda like the flip bot shown in the gallery but it’s not using the two extra big wheels. it has a chassis similar to the square bot except with the motors further up and the big gears powering a medium gear that is attatched to big wheels and at the back the medium wheels are freely spinning but not connected. oh, and the battery pack is on the bottom

(i just noticed it drives better upside down):rolleyes:

Post some pictures guitarheroguy64.

Here is mine:

This is my two-wheeler bot using the starter kit. There are straws protruding form it to discourage the centre from simply spinning causing the wheels to remain stationary. As it is right now this one is really fun to drive and spin about.

Also, I decided not to connect the motors directly to the wheels but rather use gears. This way I can play around with the gear ratio and see how fast I can make this baby go.

I actually like your idea better, by the way after i finished I took it apart so it’s kinda not there anymore but I do have pics of another 4 wheeled version kinda like the “flip” bot made by innovation first but with different specs and using medium wheels
it’s here

:smiley: this reminds me of my first ever LEGO RIS 'bot…i wonder what my first NXT 'bot will be? ill find out on the 11th :smiley:

coughVex vs. NXT combat competitioncough

Question: are those zip ties or bendy straws on it?