Two years laterrrr....

And you guys figured out exactly what I did in minutes…

Nevertheless, now that it’s done, nice job! Lookin good.

I was waiting for you to comment.
They didn’t take your advice about putting EDR, IQ, and PRO on the buttons though, so hopefully we know what the colors mean.
Also twitter, youtube, and facebook icons don’t show up on firefox. Since the bold doesn’t work either, I guess vexforum just doesn’t like firefox. Although it was working for a little while when the update first came out.

@Highwayman hover over the icons and they display that.

I know, but that’s not something you should expect people to do if they don’t know what green V means imo

Firefox issues aside, I actually really like the implementation.

While yes the four V’s seem a little odd, the mouseover works and we all know what the colors mean.

I can’t complain too much.

Off topic, I just blew up a microcontroller and two stepper drivers all of which was part of a school final project. Fun!

@Cody – Not sure that this is an improvement, since there is now 1/2 of V’s birds and f’s at the bottom of my screen. But if it makes you happy, I’m all for it. :slight_smile: