Tying with #30 in the Top 30

For the Top 30 for skills challenges, if a team were to tie with the number 30 for their score but ended up at 31 or lower, would that team still be invited to Worlds? For example. if the #30 programming skills score is 315, and #31 and #32 are also 315, would the #31 and #32 be invited?
I know that in the past, this was done for the Toss Up Robot Skills and, if I recall correctly, the Skyrise Robot Skills.
Thank you!

Dear Bryon Tjanaka,
Thanks for the question. There is no guarantee that teams ranked #31 and #32 would receive an invitation to VEX Worlds based upon their skills challenge scores (in this scenario). Please reference the game manual for how ties in skills challenges are broken. The REC Foundation may choose to extend extra invites as space allows, but there is no guarantee.