Type of balls in CleanSweep

I know that I can order game pieces from VEX… but in the few days before they arrive, I’d like to know exactly how they will interact with robots. Are they squishy or hard like a wiffleball? Are they particularly heavy and dense or fairly airy? Is their surface more grippy or slippery?

Any descriptions would be helpful. Thanks.

They are squishy like Nerf balls.

Um…Both balls have the texture of a nerf ball. Almost exactly the same feeling and grip, but the density of the game balls is much less than a nerf ball, but it’s not to say they are not heavy. I think a quick search on the forums will yield a post where someone posted the exact weight of the balls.

the footballs are also realy slipery

Thanks, the nerf description is very helpful.

The exact weight and dimensions are in the field specifications.

Interesting you should say that. We find that they do not slide at all against the walls and the white ball hates sliding on the walls as well.