Type of music to listen to at a competition?

During a competition, what music do you prefer to listen to while driving/ on the field? Or if the competition doesn’t play music throughout qualifying and elimination rounds, what music would you want to listen to?

While I was creating a fire mixtape (heck yeah dude) for a competition that my school is hosting, I was curious to see what kind of music people would prefer to listen to (to like concentrate and become more focus?)


I wouldn’t mind listening to some trap while competiting (others would probably prefer music that they enjoy), but I could imagine that many people would want to listen to some sort of rock to get in the mood for the intense elimination matches.

My team particularly likes listening to Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix on repeat during competitions. If nothing else, it gets the attention of other teams.

I liked some of the dubstep and pop music that was played at worlds last season.

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Kidz Bop!

And Ridin’, of course.

personally I listen to Death Grips, grunge rock and smooth jazz at competitions; It’s weird yes but the blood boiling vocals helps get the competing hormones driving while being checked by the soothing jazz.

I heard a lot of meme-like songs looped for the duration of worlds last year (i.e. Darude - Sandstorm) which is pretty cool…for the first 18 hrs or so - then it just plays in the background of your head.

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T-Swizzle all the way! :smiley: and hardcore Eminem rap
But on a more serious note T-SWIZZLE all the way and hipster music for @Marty (and clean Eminem) and trap

Really, anything is ok. At the last competition my team went to, we listened to some “nerdy” songs which included some star wars and things alike.

Absolutely no trap or electronic music. The general public does not want that in the background of an already strange competition, and i think getting the general community involved is very important to robotics. I like classic rock, more contemporary rock, jazz or old pop (like the beech boys). Keep it classy

The rocky theme song. Come sail away. Anything in guardians of the galaxy awesome mix vol. 1. More old school stuff.

100% disagree.

I have hosted a few competitions, including 3 IQ state competitions, and I play a mix of christian pop and dubstep/trap/house. It turns out very nice. Dubstep adds to the thrill and the up-beat nature of the competition.


Sounds bizarre but I can’t say I know it isn’t good. [aka you could be onto something and I might try that]
I think different regions and schools are going to have very different success with different music genres.


:slight_smile: you can never go wrong with Taylor Swift or hipster songs. That’ll satisfy both the kids and the adults.

Yeah just shake it off!

The worlds community playlist that was started last year has some good songs:


I’ve deleted two posts from this thread for being off topic and not adding to the conversation.

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Sorry, my bad Mr. Kanagasabapathy.

Just to clarify what was stated quite poorly in our above posts.

A lot of the songs that people in robotics find exciting and get them “pumped” can be found in reveal videos. This can be pretty clearly seen in the tendency of the VEX community to reuse music from famous reveal videos.
A couple examples of the reveal videos I am thinking of

We all really like 118 reveal videos and there VEX one last year was really good as well

BNS based theirs off song from Discobots Gateway video and its a pretty common sight at competitions for people to sing “nah nah nah” back and forth at each other because of it.


I tend to listen to rap (j.cole, drake, bryson tiller, Chris Brown) to get hyped up. Lol

That’s what I listen too, obv not the background music.

3 days grace or link in park or something like that

You already made a new thread about music please do not revive 4 year old threads.

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