Type of robot in Change up

After browsing though the forum, I could only find one topic about the type of robot to be used in Change up, I’m now stuck in the dilemma of deciding whether to build a snail bot, or lift bot. There have been various robots released and most of them are snailbots. Bute especially as a new reveal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1JD4CqJb4Y&list=PLFYrhCk9ss4NcqeyvpURpVotBCSNl-EGg&index=3&t=6s Came out with a lift maxing out skills. What is your take on the issue?
I will build a:

  • Snailbot
  • Lift bot

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What type of drivetrain are the building?

  • X drive
  • Mecanum Drive
  • Inline

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And if you’re using inline what gear ratio are you planning on using?

  • 84T:60T 200RPM
  • 60T:36T 200RPM
  • 1:1 200RPM
  • 36T:84T 600RPM

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How large will your wheels be?

  • 5 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 3.25 inch
  • 2.75 inch

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I feel like there are already topics with polls like this.
tbh it’s a matter of preference at this point, lifts and hoods are going to both be op, so just build what you want, either type will be able to dominate early season.


Weren’t 5-inch wheels discontinued?

Yeah, but they’re still allowed

are you going to ask us for full cads of our bots too