Type of robot in the "Make it Real" online challenge

Hi, in the VEX IQ challenge “Make it Real”, the description says that “the robot may be a competition robot… or another robot that performs an intresting task”. By “another robot”, does it mean one made from VEX parts, or any other robot?
Like to challenge page if you want to see: VRC Middle School - “Make It Real” CAD Engineering Online Challenge Sponsored by Autodesk | Online Challenges

Looks like it can be any robot that has been created by a team/students:

Choose a robot (VEX, FIRST, BEST, or any other robot you like that performs an interesting task)


Thanks for the help!

Last season there was a good entry that designed additional parts for a Roomba. As far as I know, the sky is the limit!

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Thanks, this helps a lot!

To add on to this, does it have to be a robot, or could it just be something to add on to a controller?

I’d say that if they count a controller as a robot, then yes, that would be fine