Typed Notebook Pages Put In A Bound VEX Notebook

(there’s a TLDR at the bottom of this btw)

Hey guys. So nobody else on my team has done notebooking in the past, so I’m going to reach out to the forums for advice on this. So I know in past seasons there has been a 3 point bonus on the judge’s notebook rubric for engineering notebooks that are bound (meaning not printed out or put in a binder or something.) Well what if I typed up pages, sized them to the page size of the VEX bound notebooks and either glued or taped them in? Would that make up for it being typed? Because I know some judges just see typed anything and score it less but some may see the thought put into it; you can tell when I made the page because I can’t rip out pages or change the order if I glue typed pages into a bound notebook. This seems like it would be a loophole for not having to hand write all my pages. The reason I’m avoiding this is because for the first half of the season I’ll be away from my team for a lot of their build time due to my other extracurriculars. It would be a massive benefit for me not to have to do it all by hand.

TLDR: Do you think it would be possible to get the 3 point bonus on the notebooking rubric by taping or gluing typed notebook pages onto pages of the VEX bound notebook (and dating each page to show the progression throughout the season)?

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Yes, that is legal(will get three points), but I think handwriting is preferable to typing(even though typing is nearer because handwriting shows you yourself did it, not somebody else and you just printed out their work. But to answer your question, yes, you would get the three pointsz

Edit:Handwriting is also preferable because it can actually show multiple people wrote in the book when typing looks all the same, no matter who wrote it.

Edit2: it is best to glue it in because if it is taped it could easily fall out or accidentally get pulled out.


when pasting entries into your notebook, treat the same way you would pictures. that is to say, sign and date along the border and bound notebook page to show it is not a last minute addition or replacement.

[edit - this is to demonstrate WHO added the item and WHEN it was added.]