Types of disconnections

Hello. We were wondering what style of disconnections you guys have run into, and wanted to discuss where these problems could come from and how to fix them.
We have personally run into many of these types of disconnections:
1: the white screen
2:the blue striped screen
3:blinking motor with frozen cortex
4:just freezing v5 brain
What do you guys know about these?
We are asking because we have run into these at competitions and so have many other teams.

Our team has had the white screen a few times which we fix by just power cycling the Brain.
Also here is a poll version
Edit: Our team’s V5 controller has frozen a few times resulting in us having to press the reset switch so I’ve added it to the poll.

  • White screen
  • Blue striped screen
  • Blinking motor, frozen Brain
  • Freezing Brain
  • Frozen controller

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Im assuming you guys have updated your brain to the latest update. If not please do. During worlds for us we had this issue basically every 3 games and it wasn’t fun, but recently in the tower takeover season this problem has definitely reduced to only when we are just practicing. It has’t happened to us in a game yet. Keyword yet.

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