Types of string or rope to use in Vex v5 and how to code so robot comes to specific location

I have a question. Can we use any type of long string or rope in Vex v5 in competitions?

I have another question. How do I code vex v5 robot so it comes to a specific point on the field when it is elsewhere? What sensors should I use? I know that the Vision and Gps sensors are not helpful and I am using the inertial sensor for accurate turns. So if someone would help me on how to code this it would be helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

This question is best answered by rule R7 in the game manual, which you can find at this link:

The first step to figuring out how to move to a certain location is to figure out where your robot currently is. The GPS would help with that, but as you noted the GPS Code strips are not guaranteed to be present on match fields. Odometry using encoders or other sensors would help you to determine your location on the field; here is a good resource on that:

Once you have that working, there are a variety of methods to compute a path to your desired location, the simplest of which is to turn the robot to face the new location, then drive the calculated distance.


Thanks, I look into odometry. But with the rope question is there any rope or string that is legal in competitions for vex v5?


so we cannot use any rope alright. Thanks tho :slight_smile:

Uhh… check in the manual again.


Read the rule: R7 e —> Page 42

Unlimited amount of rope/string (with a limit on size)

Did you read R7?

I usually try to teach the horse to drink water from the pond rather than pouring a cup into its mouth… sometimes it seems futile though.


e. An unlimited amount of rope / string, no thicker than 1/4".

What are you talking about? R7 legalizes any rope no thicker than 1/4"! Where did this come from?