Types of usable string

I was wandering what types of string my team could use. Does the string have to be 1/8 in thick and does it have to be made out of nylon. I was also wandering if paracord is legal

Looking in the game manual (https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/vrc-tower-takeover/GameManual-20190816.pdf) take a look at R7 on page 25 for the definition. “paracord” is usually 1/8" nylon rope.

I believe that there is paracord that fits these requirements, just make sure it is 1/8" size and is braided nylon. Also, remember to record where you got it from and maybe keep the original package, as well as have this rule on hand, when you go to inspection.


answered in this Q&A for Tower Takeover season.


Always a good idea to check the Official Q&A …

I appreciate it man thanks a lot

you can use the vex latex tubing that they sell.


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