Typical Vex Tipping Point Match

Just some observations of high level tipping point matches:

  1. Full Speed into mobile goal grab
  2. Tug of War
  3. Stalemate or One team gets goal.
    Driver Control:
  4. Mad Dash for any unclaimed mobile goals
  5. Mad Dash Back for Alliance Goals
  6. Team with more neutral goals plays defense and scores rings
  7. Team with less neutral goals plays offense and desperately tries to get a neutral goal.
  8. Waiting match till last 30 seconds
  9. Team with less goals goes for park, and stacks all goals on platform
  10. Team with more goals goes for just stacking, unless opposing team can double park, in which case they go for a single park
  11. Takes 5 minutes to score a match since all the alliance goals are loaded up with rings.

Add any other things I missed


sometimes stronger robots on offense will try to tip goals off the platform

In high level matches teams don’t start stacking until the last 30 seconds, when the teams can’t touch the opposing teams platform.


When teams have four mobile goals total, they’ll sit in the corner with their neutral goal hanging over the edge of the field perimeter until the last 30 seconds.

Either that or they just balance instead of offloading mobile goals. I started seeing this in China in the early season and I am glad to see it become the late season meta strat around here.