typing bot

i had a differant bot i was working on but i got board waiting for parts so i built a typing bot in about an hour and an half its kinda based on pacoliketacos idea it takes a while to type in the keys but im going to modifie it to go faster https://vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=968&c=8

and a video

nice work. it looks familiar. although, why such a long pointer? i think mine only extended about 3/4 of an inch, whereas yours looks like it extends more like 2 inches. also, why did you need to add more weights on top of the carriage?

because where the battery was placed if i move it in a certain direction it would pop a wheelie on the track and come off and also because of where the arms placed i needed a long one for it to reach but im going to improve that because it takes to long to guess which key its over hope that helps

this is cool now add speech recognition!!! (vistas is terrible! although im too lazy to train it)

Vista’s speech recognition is not that bad at all! You just need to take some time and train it, once you do that it is very dependable.

Oh yeah, great robot. I love the design, you should try to make something that can move the mouse too.

i just hate repeating ‘i can dictate faster than i can type’ because it’s completely untrue