Typing robot

i recently decided that i was going to try and make a robot that is able to type (based off of the “Hello World” challenge). well, it only took me two days to build and program. i used tank treads to act as a rack and pinion enabling me to a full range of every key on my keyboard.

any specifications of how it works b/c the bot sounds really interesting and
it would be :smiley: usefull for any body who doesnt want to buy a wireless keyboard

well, i just posted a bunch of pics, if you can be more specific i can better answer your questions.:slight_smile:

nice bot! that is an awsome way of doing it i was trying to do something similar but instead of treads i tryed to use string but i didnt work.

did you have to use more than one thread kit?

How you built the Typing Bot could also be used in building the base of a crane. Very efficient looking.

no, its only one kit of tank treads, 3 motors, one servo, and 2 opt. shaft encoders (used for keeping the bottom motors moving in the same direction/ speed.

Is it autonomous? If not I would be willing to write the code.

i haven’t made it autonomous yet, but i am planning on it. but i can tell you that motor one and two are for vertical shifting, and motor 7 is for horizontal movement, and 8 controls the servo. either one or two needs to be inverted to allow for the motors to move in the same direction. 7 needs to be inverted to move right when the signal is greater than 127, and left when it is lower than 127. the servo also is inverted, for it to push down, the signal has to be greater than 127.

i was thinking about making it have a starting position with two bump sensors to tell it to return to the same spot after every keystroke. then i wanted to use EasyC Pro and make user functions for every letter, amking typing very easy. :slight_smile:

I think this is an awesome design and I like the execution of the challenge, however it could be a little slow.