I just wanna ask about tyre. What kind of vex tyres that suitable too move on a bunch of unglued marbles? Tq

The Wheeled Leg Kit-- http://www.vexrobotics.com/wheel-leg-kit.html

Take a 4" high traction tire, turn it inside out and make a bunch of cuts to make “feelers” on those wheels. A few wheels side by side would make for a nice sweeper into a hopper (polycarb is vote there)

There were some sack attack robots that did this. Can’t find a picture off hand…

Or make one sort of like k-Force’s sack attack robot. But put some mesh around the scoop to not let those marbles get away. Sort of loose to trap them and then they should roll into your hopper.


I guess that would make it like 1492’s sushi roll but with more sides.

I was pretty sure he meant driving on marbles no intaking marbles. Assuming I read it correctly the best would be the largest wheels possible or even tank treads.