U.S. Nationals Qualifying Criteria

Hi all,
I’m just wondering about the qualifying criteria for U.S. nationals.
One of the teams from my school has made it to finals twice and on the robotevents page it says that finals would qualify them. It also says that we should have gotten an e-mail about a week after but we never did (the first tournament was on 11/05/11 and the second was 01/14/12 so the it has not yet been a week since the second one).

Any help on this subject would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

The US National VEX Robotics Championship - HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION page on Robot Events states “Winning and finalist teams from all United States VEX Robotics Tournaments qualify for Nationals.” I’d say yes.


Do you mean the robotevents page?
Thanks for the quick response!

I didn’t see the edit until after I posted this

It doesn’t say that the two tournaments qualify tournament finalists to the U.S. National Championships on their robotevents pages so you should probably email them and ask.

That was why we were wondering. We plan on asking later today (when people are actually awake haha)
Thank you for the quick reply!

This text does not match up with the qualifying criteria that can be found on the CREATE web site ([http://www.create-found.org/documents/QualifyingCriteria_021.pdf). This document states that the finalists will only qualify for Nationals at tournaments with 60+ teams.

Jay](http://www.create-found.org/documents/QualifyingCriteria_021.pdf). This document states that the finalists will only qualify for Nationals at tournaments with 60+ teams.)

Would this mean that the information on the robotevents page is invalid, we could not figure out which one would be correct.

Nevermind, thank you to everybody who responded to this thread, it was very helpful.
We now have the confusion cleared up.
Once again, thank you all!

Okay, I’m so sorry but last thing.
Finalists from a 38 team tournament is shown to have qualified for nationals which has caused more confusion from many of our members.

Sorry, I forgot the link to the above mentioned tournament.