Ubuntu Edge

So for those of you who haven’t seen yet, Ubuntu is trying to build an incredible phone using crowdsourcing.

I figured some people here would be interested in putting down the $695 to (potentially) get what will be a massive driving force in phone innovation. If they don’t raise enough money to produce it then you will be completely refunded.

Here’s a summary of the phone’s features: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nei16gkVxpg

And the actual campaign: [http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge


I am a HUGE Ubuntu fan, but I just bought an HTC one a couple of weeks ago. If the Ubuntu phone ever comes about I would definitely buy one. While I prefer Mac computers I have several PC’s and every one of them is dual bootable for Ubuntu which is what they run most of the time.

If you want one you gotta crowdfund it now - they’re not gonna sell it afterward unfortunately. Only people who give $695 now get one. If they don’t raise the $32 million then you get refunded.

And I just got an S4 the other day haha. I figure if the Edge actually does come out, then I’ll switch to it in May.

As for operating system, I use Ubuntu as my every day OS on this beast. For RobotC I use a virtual XP machine but otherwise I use Ubuntu for everything.

May I ask why you prefer Macs? I personally find them extremely cumbersome to use and the hardware really isn’t that great either.

I don’t find the hardware cumbersome, and it has served me much better than HP, Dell, Compaq, or even Toshiba. The only reason I prefer OSX over Linux is the software availability. I am using a Compaq notebook with Ubuntu right now, but I have a dual processor Mac desktop at home for most of my digital editing work. Linux will continue to gain ground, and someday be a front runner. I stated a few years back that Android would someday be good enough to lure me away from IOS, and the HTC One with Jellybean was just the device to do that. My trial efforts at liking Gingerbread were failures.

Other than RobotC, I have no issues with software availability and in some cases prefer the software I find in the Ubuntu repositories.

I realize I’m not a professional digital editor but I find that I can do more with GIMP than most of the kids in my school can with photoshop after taking a class.

What do you find lacking in terms of software? I’m not being critical at all I’m just curious.

And as for Android, Gingerbread did indeed suck but I’m loving Jelly Bean.