UE4 Simulation

Hi this is the programmer from 2993M Moosen. At the beginning of the season I started working on a simulation of VEX In the Zone with Unreal Engine 4. The simulation started out as a small side project that would help measure distances for autonomous but turned into a much bigger thing as I got carried away with it. It never really helped us much with our robot but it did serve as an impressive thing to show the judges and it’s now close to being a fully function game. Recently I’ve added support for stationary goals and a scoring system. It’s far from perfect and glitches are definitely a common thing but it still serves as a fun thing to play around with and I think it could potentially be a useful tool for drivers to practice with. We plan on having it setup in our booth at Worlds if anyone wants to stop by and try it out. We will also be keeping track of who can get the highest score in a certain amount of time and the winner will get a prize.

Below I have an attached video of the simulation and a download link for anyone to try it out themselves. It has keyboard support but is meant to played with an XBox controller since that’s the closest thing possible to an actual controller. Please feel free to leave any feedback for the game and reporting the glitches that it has would be much appreciated via my email down below. Thanks and best of luck at Worlds!


Lift- Back left trigger and shoulder buttons
Claw- Back right trigger and shoulder buttons
Mobile Goal- Dpad right and down buttons
Release Cone- Right face button
Disable Autostack- Top face button

Lift- Up/Down arrow keys
Claw- R key
Mobile Goal- E and Q keys
Release Cone- F key
Disable Autostack- C key

Email- [email protected]

Video- https://vimeo.com/265689745

Dropbox File- Dropbox - WindowsNoEditor.zip - Simplify your life



This is really quite cool and very good! Awesome game. Thanks for making this. Haven’t tried it yet with an xbox controller but it works great with keyboard. Makes me want to try unreal (I used unity quite a bit). One neat addition would be the ability to change the camera settings to a lock on/first person type view. IK its not realistic for driver practice but it would certainly be cool.

One bug im noticing is that sometimes pressing F wont release the cone. Not sure why, but other than that pretty smooth.