ugly, creepy dog

look at my new avatar. it is suposibly the ugliest dog in the world.
It sorta scares me that there are dogs like that…
here are more dog pics.
dont look if you get scared easily
dog pics
this is really weird thet dog has, like a buffalo
thiscan be looked at if you scared ealily though
dogs rob atm machines

ive seen this before its creepy

yea ive seen this before my science teacher had it for his background for his computer and put it on a projecter to scare some kids

lol that’s hilarious, im surprised the cat has the strength to do that

yea I wonder if that cat is half bull or something :rolleyes:

thats weird does your science teacher do this sorta stuff often?

it was last year he would get funny pics and vids off google including two of those vids where you watch carefully and then something jumps up and scares you the two were london dungen and the car commercial thing where the car drives behind a mountain just type in london dungen or scary car commercial on google vids

lol or the dog is a sissy, or the cat clawed him in the eye:eek:that would hurt!

lol, thats ugly!