UK - 5119z - WORLS BOT Sneak Peak ...

Hello !

Worlds is approaching fast, and i couldn’t wait till my planned reveal date (Sat 12th)

so i decided to do a sneak peak …

so here are some details …

Mec Drive
1:7 Parallel 6 Bar Lift
Nomni-Wheels Intake
L-Ball Flipper

  • more (to be revealed soon) …

8 auton routines !

here are some pics … a bit distorted :rolleyes:

one shows the Nomni-Wheels Intake

the rest show basic outlines of the robot

reveal in 1 week, 1 day … with videos/pics/cad etc …

just noticed … thread name = wrong … woops ! Worlds and peek spelt wrong (DOH)

Where did you get the pink wrapping. Also why did you use Omni’s on the intake?

Looks awesome!

ha ha ha … Pink wrapping :smiley:

The Nomni-Wheels intake, we gave our sprockets away to help out another team, not thinking about our supplies, so we used omni wheels, works well, doesn’t fall of with a couple of cable ties :smiley:

and works ridiculously well !

That is an interesting nomni intake

In the second picture I noticed that you seem to have a problem with your everything. I suggest un-squiggling your bot.