Uk skyrise thread

After actively viewing the New Zealand Scrimmage thread, I believe that it would be a good idea to share the results of UK competitions. So I active invite all UK teams to contribute to this.

The first UK regional (that could qualify teams to our national tournament) occurred today in Hertfordshire and 16 arrived. Many teams arrived with fully built robots and were mixed between a few base bots and claw bots. As elimination progressed it’s was obvious who the experienced teams were.

Winning qualification was VEX team ROUSE going 6-1 and selected team 3116Z. The pair were a formidable alliance and would go far.

They won their QF 2-0 but faced a challenge in the SF but prevailed eventually going 2-1.

They faced team 3116A and my team 3116B in the final. They had won both of their elimination matches 2-0. An unexpected alliance paring with a Danny lift robot (3116B) and a 8 motor drive push bot from 3116A.

The final was very close. The higher ranked alliance of ROUSE and 3116Z winning twice. However both matches could have been decided if either team won autonomous.

Team 3116z and ROUSE are now qualified to the national championship in March. However there were three more awards up for grabs at the competition. A judges award that went to rookie girls team and there other two were decided on the judges opinions of teams logbooks and their interview.

Team 5194B VOLT Robotics (Toss Up National Champions) had an excellently designed robot and superb CADs and rightfully won the Design award.

And finally team 3116B (Toss Up National Finalists) won the excellence award due to their high qualify written logbook and their CADs. However they beat the opposition because of their approach to the competition and to others.

Overall it was an excellent tournament

The third ranked alliance of 3116B and 3116A
Team 3116Bs bot