Ultra-Low 393 Efficiency?

I suspect this is an error in the VEX manuals. But I’m sitting here reading that changing the 393 to “High Speed Mode” results in only 64% efficiency. But I’ve read people saying this method is much more efficient than using gears or similar. Do we really lose 36% of our efficiency by switching to “High Speed Mode”? That seems rather dismal, but it is what VEX has written.

However, that could be a mistake by someone who didn’t understand their math doing the typing/editing. What I’m reading explicitly says it “provides 60% faster rotational speed with a 60% reduction in torque.” Let’s call the original angular speed w, the original torque T (using Latin letters that look like the standard Greek because I’m not sure about fonts on the forum), and the original power P=wT. That means the new values are 1.6w and 0.4T. That means the new power is (1.6w)(0.4T)=0.64P.

So I’m stuck wondering if these are really so inefficient or if there is something wrong with what VEX wrote about their own motor. If there is something wrong with what VEX wrote, which part is in error (angular speed or torque or both)?

If the conclusion is there is some sort of error, I’ll post a refined message in the official forum for VEX to help them edit.

Yeah, I’d find it hard to believe that there is such a low efficiency with the high speed gearing. For one, WHY?!? For two, I haven’t experienced it in my time doing VEX.

Looking elsewhere, this description I found doesn’t seem to match with some other stuff VEX has written. It looks like the 60% increase is right, while the 60% decrease is totally off. I believe the torque decrease is roughly 37.7% or about 38% with efficiency close to 100% with this and turbo. I’ll post something to the official spot.

Where is this from?
EDIT: looking at the motor specs, it appears that they meant to say 60% increase in speed and 60% of the torque i.e. 1.6^-1. Using the actual values results in the same max power for both configurations (as it should be). Regarding the efficiency, I wonder if they aren’t referring to the electrical efficiency (Pout/Pin), but I’m not sure why that would change so much.

Oh, I didn’t see your other post until now. I guess you figured this out.