Ultrasonic imaging

Anyone know of a way to have ultrasonic imaging using a(n) ultrasonic sensor(s)?

Pretty much a graphical display of an ultrasonic sensor.


its possible but EXTREMELY hard you would need VERY accurate results to do anything useful

basically have the ultrasonic sensor rotate around on a pan and tilt mechanism and then record each value in an array

i think to get one “image” it would take a long time!

i suggest just getting a CMUcam2 camera and easyC PRO

Ya, I thought of that but didn’t know if anyone knew of a easier or more precise way such making an inexpensive laser ranger.

That’s the way I did it, using a Sharp Infrared distance sensor, rather than an ultrasonic. The Infrared sensor has a much narrower beam than the Ultrasonic, and gives a much better image.

Cant this be done in easy c?

That would be really cool.

I think that it can be done in easy c. My thought is depending on the direction of the ultrasonic servo mount and the distance of the value, a print screen that is specific for it would show on the screen. I am going to try this on my current bot and will let you know if I can get it to work and will post the coding.

How did you program the data to go into a xy graph like that?

Thats really cool, i am going to learn visual basic.

I don’t care much about easy c, i use it right now but soon i will use visual basic.

I have seen what some people have made in visual basic and i really want to make a computer interface with the video camera on the computer.

I don’t think this can be done in easy c but in visual basic it is possible i guess.

I can program in Visual Basic but did not realize you can program vex using VB. I need to reinstall VB on my laptop since I haven’t used it in a few months…Anyone know of a tutatorial or just some info of how to program in VB?

The PC is programmed in Visual Basic. The Vex is programmed in MPLAB C30.
The code that implemented this robot and PC interface is in the code section of the forum.

I did it! I made and programmed an ultrasonic imaging bot! I made the robot be able to spin all the way around and a limit switch when it made it all around.

I captured the data to text with Hyperterminal and then opened the data from Hyperterminal in excel and made a radar chart with the data.

I am uploading pics now and here is the code:
RADAR CODE.pdf (26.7 KB)

can we have a little more of a reply!!! I want to do it!!!

what does var stand for and what are the values etc.

The variables “Motorspeed” and “WaitTime” are just defined to the pwm and wait numbers (90 and 1 respectively). This was leftover from a more complex programming session of the robot. It just made changing motors and wait times easier when they are identical.

“Var” is used as a constant to repeatedly execute the while portion of the code. Using while(1) is the same thing as while(var==1) as long as var = 1. When var was set to 2, then the while loop ended because it was no longer true.

What else do you need to know to build this?