Ultrasonic Range Finder Distance

I wrote a program for the v5 ultrasonic range finder so that I can have the robot travel to a cube; however, it is detecting all distances as 0.00 mm. I used almost the exact code that is provided in the VEXcode v5 text ultrasonic range finder example code. I only changed the names of the motors. Additionally, I know that the brain is correctly running the program because I printed a line of text. I have also plugged in the input wire into port A and the output wire into port B. I am testing the distance sensor with a large UPS box approximately one foot away from the sensor. However, the sensor detects it as 0 mm away. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong?

Have you tried switching the input and output wires?


either your sensor is damaged, or you have it plugged in incorrectly.

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