ultrasonic range finder help

I have never used an ultrasonic range finder before and I am not sure where or how it plugs into the cortex. can someone help me?

For the ultrasonic sensor, you need to plug it into the analog ports. Use any port for one of the wires, and use the next port for the other wire.

If you are using ROBOTC to program your robot, we have a section of the Cortex Video Trainer dedicated to the Ultrasonic Rangefinder (Sonar) Sensor that you may find useful. Please take a look through the “Forward Until Near” section of the Cortex Video Trainer and let us know if you run into any questions.

Cortex Video Trainer - Forward Until Near: http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/products/cortex_video_trainer/lesson/5-4ForwarduntilNear1.html