Ultrasonic Range Finder with VEXcode V5

I am struggling trying to get my 3-wire Ultrasonic Rangefinder to work with VEXcode V5. I’ve tried different plug configurations and settings and still only get a Zero reading the V5 brain. Any suggestions or tips?

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Are you making sure to plug the wires in the correct ports? If you look on the sensor you will see an input and output wire labeled. Then look in vexcode to see which port requires the input and output wires. Also I’d suggest using the example program that prints the value of the distance sensor to the brain so you can make sure that there isn’t an issue with your code


I’ve done this and no luck. What settings does the brain need to be set to? I’m assuming analog, but there is no input or output setting there. Just getting a 0 on the screen. Kind of baffled : \

Thanks! I’ve followed the directions in the link (in fact that’s where I started), still must be missing something because I only get a reading of 0 on the screen of the brain.

The brain can’t really tell you anything useful from the distance sensor in the device menu (as far as I can tell). You should go into vexcode and open the example program for the distance sensor.


Used the sample program and got it to work. Thanks for your help!

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Yes, the dashboard does not understand the ultrasonic unless user code is running (Only with vexos 1.0.13 and later)

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