Ultrasonic Range Finder

We just build a Sensor-Bot, using all of the sensors we own (including the accelerometer, but we haven’t gotten there yet). The Range finder was our last sensor to test and it’s giving us the most trouble. Ive followed multiple instructions online, and I’m getting no data. One of my biggest problems has been the Sensor Test online. How do i use it? Easy C wont open any of the files in the folder. Help :-\

It’s not straightforward to check the ultrasonic sensor using the online window, because it involves using the interrupts, as well as the analog/digital inputs. For a code sample of ultrasonic sensor use, the document “Vex Machinations” at this link has a building project called the “Scaredybot”. It still works (I tested it last week).

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll test it now. Anyway to Initialize my autonomous code without using a controller or any crystals/vexnet??? Im trying to get it working with just my computer

If you look under Projects -> Test Code there is a sample program on using the ultrasonic sensor. Also, it is documented in the help file.