Ultrasonic Rangefinder displaying a 0 in digital port 8

My students have installed the ultrasonic rangefinder in Digital ports 8 and 9. when we open the On-line tool a zero is displayed in the #8 box. is this correct?

Hello Keboone,

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To answer your question: Yes, a 0 or 1 value is normal for the checkboxes on the On-Line Window.
Based on the provided information it sounds like you are trying to test your VEX Ultrasonic Range Finder with the easyC On-Line Window… Please correct me if wrong.

My recommendation will be to instead test your sensor with the “Ultrasonic Test” program that easyC provides under sample programs. All you have to do is click on: File> Open Project> Samples> Ultrasonic Test.

Then make sure to wire the sensor per the notes (green) at the beginning of the program.
This program will allow you to gather data from your environment with the sensor and the values will be displayed live in your computer screen.

Let me know if you have any other questions.