Ultrasonic Rangefinder picking up 999,999.999 inches/mm

So our ultrasonic range finder which we have on our Moby bot randomly not sensing anything, an picking up a distance of 999,999.999 inches & 999,999.999 mm. It only does this when we have it on the field for tipping point. Our first guess is that the foam squares are dampening the waves returning, or preventing them to return in the first place. Attached below is an image of where we placed the rangefinder on our bot.

I think you put the screenshot in incorrectly, you need to upload the screenshot rather than posting the link to it.

Have you tried mounting the range finder in a different spot?
Also, are your field tiles flat? Or do they have a texture to them?

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A max value means that no echo is being returned… either a loose wire, a damaged sensor, or pointing at something too far away to reflect sound back.


Field tiles are flat, and we had it in a different position before on the metal bar connecting the two arms but were running into issues with not enough slack in the wires before we pulled it loose.

Did it work when it was on the old spot?

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Not exactly sure what happened there, I repeated the exact same process this time and it loaded.

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It did sometimes, but others it wouldn’t pick up the goal due to it being to high and gathering a scan before the arms would finish lowering. I’m looking over it again seeing for a different spot within reach of the brain that we would be able to attach the range finder. I think I could swap the battery tray and the range finder around so will probably try that next.

You guys could also use 3 wire extension cables if you have those

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We don’t have any of those. In all honesty we’re running out of most of the structure parts here to between the 6 bots we have built.