Ultrasonic Resolution

I would like better than 1" resolution from the ultrasonic sensors. I found that another user requested the same thing in 2010.


On 10/06/2010 you replied:

The help file still states that the output is in inches. Has the functionality been added or removed from the to do list?

It’s on the list to do, it just hasn’t been done yet. We will be revisiting the sensor features on next product release from Vex.

Please don’t forget about this.

We have not forgotten, just haven’t implemented it yet.

Still waiting. I used to get greater resolution with easyC on the PIC. Why the multi-year delay? Please put this in your next release.

Bump. This has been on the list since 2011. Now that 4.2.01 is no longer available for download, I hope when it is re-released the new version finally comes out with decimal inch resolution.

We have committed to releasing the Ultrasonic Upgrade with the Vexnet 2.0 upgrade.

Thank you!