Ultrasonic Sensor Issue

My ultrasonic sensor for my robot is coming up with a wide array of different results when it is being used. I can get a result that is very high and low without the robot moving at all. In the link below you can see the readings of the sensor and that the robot is not moving while it is being used.

On top of this issue, this is happening to all of my robots. I am a teacher and every one of my student’s robots are having the same issue.

The robots and sensors are up-to-date, I have tried changing wires, sensors, and the robot brain.

Please let me know what you think.

This looks like a Vex IQ issue. Make sure you set your category to vex IQ not Vex EDR

+1you’ll get more help there.

in my experience when I did Vex IQ was that the ultrasonic sensor is really unreliable and you are better of using something such as the color sensor.

How do I set the robot to Vex IQ?

I was talking about the category you put this post in
You used Vex EDR support, we use a completely different hardware system.

I moved it to the IQ section.

Please post your code. That helps us debug things easier. Wrap the code in three ’ characters.