Ultrasonic Sensor Programming help

I been trying to program the ultrasonic sensor in easy C v5 and i use the simple code to test it out and when i try it out it say port 12 is out of ping and i have everthing connected right so anything well help thank you

Did you try other ports as well?

Below is an image of the EasyC sample code.

You also need to make sure that your digital port direction is set as an input in the Robot Configuration (F5). Press the Help button in this screen for more information.
“The Digital IN/OUT Bank on the Vex controller consists of 12 ports that can be configured to work as Digital Inputs or Digital Outputs. Left click on an I/O port to define it as a digital input (arrow pointing towards the pin) or a digital output (arrow pointing away from the pin). Digital inputs will also act as interrupt ports, with the exception of port #10.”