Ultrasonic Sensor Refresh Time

Our team is using the sonar sensor on our robot, and we found out that the refresh time is too long for our program to work accurately. I just wanted to know if it was possible to change the refresh time on an sonar sensor, to make it return values faster? I am using robot C 2.0. We saw another team who supposedly changed the refresh rate in easy C, but we were unsuccessful in doing so ourselves.

Which Refresh are you referring to?

The Time between Calls to read the Ultrasonic Sensor or Time between the Ultrasonic pings and it receives the ping?

Um I’m not sure, i think the time between calls to read the ultrasonic sensor. It seems to me from looking at the robot C list of sensors, that can be opened when running a program, the ultrasonic sensor only shows a new distance every second. In my program i have a function that calls to check the sensor, could this be the cause of the slow return time or is it always that slow?